Up To Something.

Airport Services

Both wired and wireless Internet access are available at the Airport.

Wired access is provided by a contract supplier on a fee for service basis ($2 per 15 minutes). There are two kiosks against the west wall of the building. 

Wireless access is offered free of charge at SSID YCG (no password required).

Food Services
Breakfast, fresh baking, daily specials, licensed, Borscht (yes we said it) .... the 'Pie in the Sky' restaurant isn’t usual airport fare...it's better. Down home cooking with a little TLC. 

The restaurant is generally open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm... or after the last flight of the day leaves. Closing time changes with the flight schedule….ensuring there is service in advance of the departure of the last flight of the day.

Lost and Found
There's nothing so opposed in its happiness and sadness as a Lost and Found box. From Apple anything to Zither, The Corps of Commissionaires (Security) works to re-acquaint you with anything you might have left behind at the Airport.

Phone: 250.365.2180.