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The West Kootenay Regional Airport is providing free parking in the drop-off and pick-up zone.

30 Minutes      $    1.00     Per half (0.5) hour period

1 Hour             $    2.00     Per one (1) hour period 

Daily                $    10.00     Per twenty-four (24) hour period 

Weekly            $  55.00     Per seven (7) day period 

Monthly           $200.00     Per thirty (30) day period 

Yearly              $1,000.00     Per twelve (12) month period

Airport patrons now have the following options to pay for parking:

1)  Download app to pay online at www.honkmobile.com (search for parking in Castlegar, BC)

2)  Use Tap feature located on parking signs inside terminal building and in parking lot (Android & Apple iPhone users)

3)  Use onsite kiosk in terminal building to pay by credit card online

4)  Pay in cash at Commissionaire desk in terminal building (an ATM  machine is available)

5)  Pay with coins (quarters, loonies and toonies) at the parking meters located in the parking lot for short term day parking

If paying online or with Tap feature, please ensure that you enter your vehicle's licence plate number correctly or a ticket may be issued (BC & Alberta licence plates do not use the letter O or Q, only the number zero)

Pay a Parking Ticket

Parking tickets can be paid online.

Pay Parking Violation

More Information

For additional parking information, please call 250-304-5934 or see the airport Security Commissionaire in the terminal building for assistance.